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Top Questions to Consider when Requesting a Conveyor Quote

When ordering any type of conveyor/ material handling system, you must get it quoted.

While preparing your request for a quote, you should consider the following questions.

  1. What types of materials are you conveying?

  2. What is the size and weight of the products that you will be conveying?

  3. Do you have a proposed path or layout for the system?

  4. How fast do you need the product to travel?

  5. What is the overall throughput of the system?

  6. Does your line need to move continuously, index or run asynchronous?

  7. Does the conveyor need to flow in both directions?

  8. How long does the conveyor need to be?

  9. Do you know what type of conveyor you need? If not, you can speak to a team member to discover the correct model for you.

  10. Does the conveyor need to mount overhead, mount to the floor, or in the floor?

  11. If an overhead style if preferred, how will it be supported? Floor supports or suspended from building steel?

  12. What type of electrical controls will you need? Operator stations, HMI’s, E-Stops, preferred controls architecture brand, etc.

  13. Do you require some form of part tracking in the programming?

  14. Are there any environmental, ergonomic, or safety concerns that need to be considered?

Considering all of these questions when requesting a quote will make the process fast and easy. Call us today to receive a quote for your next project!

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