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Internship or Co-op

We appreciate your interest in our intern and co-op positions at SSI.

If you're an engineering student who is passionate about a hands-on opportunity to dive deep into the world of design and fabrication, then look no further. As a leader in the design, fabrication, and installation of industrial conveyors for companies like John Deere, Kenworth, and Honda, SSI is the place where your ambitions meet real-world applications.

Either as an intern or co-op at SSI, you'll immerse yourself in cutting-edge technology, collaborate with industry experts, and contribute to projects that shape the future of our customers. Whether you're exploring engineering, logistics, or business operations, there's a place for you here to grow, learn, and make an impact.

Take the first step towards an enriching experience by applying to join our team at SSI below.

Apply for an internship or co-op

If engineering, pick a discipline (Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Industrial engineering)

Current Year (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, etc.)

Expected time of graduation (Spring/Fall – Year)

Thank You!

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