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How to Select The Optimal Conveyor for Your Next Project

Sometimes looking at the final product such as an 18-wheeler cab or tractor presents a challenge when deciding how to assemble it. It is best practice to think through the assembly process. Here are a few tips to find the correct conveyor for the job:

Plan – Determine the size of your project. If it’s a cab or tractor, a heavy-duty tow conveyor is recommended. The tow conveyor comes in a variety of system from above-the-floor, flush-with-floor, chain-on-edge or chain-on-flat systems.

Research – Ask questions to find a cost effective and efficient system. This is your product; make sure you have the right tools for the job!

The TracVeyor® system developed by SSI is an in-the-floor tow system that allows for easy transportation of large items such as automotive parts during the assembly process. It is set flush in the floor creating a safe and capable system. In addition, the start and stop feature of a TracVeyor® system allows manufactures to install items as the conveyor carries it down the assembly line. This robust system allows variations in the design to fit the needs of the customer.

Implement – After you have made your conveyor selections, you will want to schedule time to install the system. Each conveyor type has its own unique installation procedures with multiple variations. Often the installation can be installed in phases to mitigate the need for an extended shutdown period in your existing facility. With a full understanding of the system requirements and proper planning, the perfect system can be installed efficiently and have you up and running quickly.

Maintenance – Keep your TracVeyor® system or other tow line running smoothly with regularly scheduled maintenance. While designed to be maintenance friendly, conveyors have many components that need to be maintained including technical updates to their control system. It is important to recognize any issues and have them serviced to keep your conveyor system running efficiently. Every SSI installation comes with a complete and thorough preventative maintenance plan, along with hands on training, to ensure maximum longevity and value.

Our conveyor technicians can help you plan, install, and maintain your new conveyor. Call us today!


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