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Benefits of Tow Conveyors

There are a variety of automated conveyors for large assembly projects. A tow conveyor is an excellent option with project payloads up to 125 tons. When planning a tow conveyor system for your large assembly project, which includes overhead and floor conveyors, it is imperative to consider the benefits.

Benefits Include: Easy to Design Towing Chain Asynchronous Operation Economical Simple Maintenance

Similar to other automated conveyors, tow conveyors are easy to design and maintain. A tow conveyor is designed to use tow chains to move items across the line either above the floor or in-floor.

Tow conveyors, such as Chain-On-Edge Floor Conveyors use an above-the-floor system, which runs a straight line or negotiates horizontal turns depending upon the layout or process requirements. This towline can be configured to operate on fixed pitch centers or asynchronous operation with accumulating capabilities. The asynchronous operation allows the conveyor to move products at different times.

The Chain-On-Flat is another style of tow conveyor. The in-floor system transports large items during a range of assembly processes. It offers an economical solution for customers that require only a straight, in-line conveyor.

These systems can be designed for payloads between 50-250,000 pounds. The system includes independent cart stops that are programmed in either continuous indexing movement or an asynchronous operation.

Since conveyors have a range of moving parts, it is important to consider the overall maintenance of the system on a regular basis to reduce the effects of wear and tear.

These benefits of a tow conveyor system present the opportunity for full customization of the conveyor operation. It is a great option for projects with a large payload and asynchronous operation.

Give us a call today at 901.362.7340, and we can help you implement your next tow conveyor as a new installation or extension of your previous system.

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