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Types of Conveyors


Power and Free conveyors are a special adaptation of traditional monorail conveyors and hand-push free line conveyors. These systems can be designed to mount overhead and support a suspended load or can be inverted and floor mounted to support a live load from beneath. Systems are designed to handle live loads from 25 lbs. to 40,000 lbs.


Continuous moving or indexing, flush with the floor or at working height, SSI Flat Top and Slat Conveyors are ideal for conveying and/or assembling large heavy products, such as automobiles, heavy trucks, earth moving equipment, steel coils or for the assembly of engines, brakes, axles, transmissions, compressors, or other components.


SSI TracVeyor® Systems are in-the-floor systems used to transport carts through warehousing, manufacturing, painting and assembling processes. Because the TracVeyor® is typically installed flush with the floor, the system does not impede factory traffic requirements or create safety concerns associated with trip hazards. SSI Chain-On-Flat Conveyors (COF), while similar to the SSI TracVeyor®, offers a more economical solution for customers that require only a straight, in-line conveyor. Systems designed for payloads between 50 pounds and 250,000 pounds. The SSI Chain-On-Edge Floor Conveyor is an above-the-floor system designed to either run in a straight line or negotiate horizontal turns.


Dual Strand Transportation Conveyors and Dual High Roller Accumulating Storage Conveyors represent an economical solution for storage and product delivery when a pallet, skid, or fixture can be placed on the chains. SSI builds many different types of Dual Strand Conveyors to handle most every product having a conveyable surface, varying from small boxes to large steel mill applications.


Belt conveyors and roller conveyor are, perhaps, the most widely used types of conveyors. Southern Systems International, LLC can manufacture and/or integrate entire systems of belt and roller conveyor for all types of industry. These systems are common solutions for package sortation, scrap handling, appliance assembly, automotive painting, warehousing, and heavy-duty steel mill applications​


A key component to any complex, turnkey material handling system is the various types of Automatic Handling Equipment needed for part transfers, loading or manipulation. Southern Systems International, LLC manufactures, in-house, many different types of automation equipment specifically designed to integrate seamlessly into our conveyor systems, like upenders, auto body loaders, automatic transfers, floor-to-floor high speed liftveyors, droplifters, lowerators, vertical carousels, auto floor pan accumulating, railroad-type turntables, and test equipment.

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