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How Our Services Keep Your Conveyors Up and Running

When customers purchase an SSI material handling system, they aren’t just purchasing a piece of equipment. They’re making a long-term investment in their company’s future! This is why the SSI Service Department is dedicated to keeping customers' equipment up and running. Our technicians are just a phone call away and have the expertise to maintain your system and maximize your system's production capacity.

We provide parts and accessories for customers with existing conveyor systems and the SSI Parts and Service Department is here to help you find the parts you need to keep your system up and running.

Here are also some easy tips for keeping your system running in tip-top shape:

  • Daily: Clean any dirt from the system when all rotating parts stopped. Make sure the belt is tracking properly, and check all system controls. While the conveyor is running, listen for unusual noises, like grinding, that could be an indication of something wrong.

  • Weekly: Clean the conveyor while examining motors and reducers. Check for incorrect alignment or cracked/broken parts and other problems.

  • Monthly: Check the belt and lacing for damage, tracking, and tension. Lubricate the roller chains while you inspect the electrical wiring for any physical damage.

  • Semi-annually: Make sure to check the master control panel, the torque of set screws on pulley bearings, and change the fluid in the gearboxes.

We also offer Troubleshooting Services which is an on-site evaluation of your conveyor system in order to address specific components or mechanical difficulties for your conveyor.

Southern Systems International, LLC Parts and Service Department

Monday thru Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (Central)


Phone: 901.362.7340

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