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Industries That Use the Conveyors That SSI Sells

Conveyors are used in industries of all types and serve different purposes. Southern Systems International, LLC designs and manufactures heavy-duty conveyors for a variety of industries, such as Automobile manufacturers, Construction Equipment manufacturers, Motor Grader manufacturers.

Automobile Manufacturers

In order to process orders and assemble automobiles as efficiently as possible, manufacturers will use conveyors to move car frames from one part of their building to another, according to the assembly line. Conveyors that an automobile manufacturer may typically have installed:

  • Bumper Delivery System

  • Overhead Power & Free Conveyor

  • 2,100 Lineal Feet of Live Track

  • (130) 4-Trolley Carrier Assemblies

  • Installed over existing production lines

Construction Equipment Manufacturers

Construction equipment can be bulky and considerably heavy. Businesses choose to use conveyors as a safe and productive way to assemble their equipment. Conveyors that a construction motor manufacturer may typically have installed:

  • 460 Heavy-Duty TracVeyor Paint System

  • Secondary / Removable Product Fixtures

  • 3 Conveyors with Robot Interface for Painting

  • 1,800 Lineal Feet

  • Live Load: 30,000 Pounds

  • 21 Carts – RFID Part Tracking

Agricultural Equipment Manufacturers

Assembling large scale equipment can be a tricky feat. To optimize their systems, businesses lean towards using conveyors that can lift the massive parts. Conveyors that a agricultural equipment company may typically have installed:

  • Cane Harvesters

  • 466 Overhead Power & Free Conveyor

  • Paint System

  • 2 Conveyors

  • 1,430 Lineal Feet

  • Live Load: 10,000 Pounds

  • Dual Drop Lifters for Load & Unload

  • 20 Carriers

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