Where do Power and free conveyors excel?

Power and free conveyors are designed for manufacturing environments where materials aren’t necessarily delivered in the order they were loaded or at the same pace. The defining feature of a power and free conveyor is that it consists of two tracks — an upper track and a lower track. The upper track is powered by a chain, and the lower track is unpowered.

Conveyor “traffic” can be merged or diverted among multiple conveyor lines, while sharp turns and elevation changes can be executed. While most power and free conveyors are mounted overhead, above the working area, and carry products below the tracks, floor-mounted designs are available that carry the product above the tracks. This is especially useful when overhead space is a concern, or when potential contamination from the conveyor is an issue. Power and free conveyors are custom-designed for each application and can carry loads from just a few pounds to several thousands of pounds. They’re used extensively in the automotive and heavy-duty general industrial environments.

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