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Project Spotlight: Truck Engine Manufacturing Facility

  • Heavy-Duty Overhead Power & Free Droplifter


  • Replace problematic existing droplifter with new, more robust unit

  • Eliminate problematic air transfer and improve operator safety

  • Improve rail positioning and security

  • Provide greater positional accuracy and ease the process of adjustment

  • Provide redundancy to maximize uptime

  • Integrate into competitor’s existing system without impact to production


  • Provided new droplifter with a smaller footprint, which did not require modification to any surrounding equipment

  • Lift Capacity: 7,725 pound

  • Cycle Time: 80 Seconds

  • Redundant motors, drives, and lifting chains

  • Integrated, motor-operated transfer conveyor

  • Pneumatic rail locks for safety

  • Linear absolute encoder for positioning accuracy

  • Area safety scanners and pert detection for safety

  • Streamlined operator interface with new HMI and integrated controls.

Call us to quote your next heavy-duty conveyor project!


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