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Project Spotlight: Construction Equipment Manufacturer

For over 50 years, SSI has continued to focus on providing exceptional products and services to our customers. Our in-house approach allows us unparalleled flexibility and control over a project’s final outcome. We engineer, fabricate, and install each project to your specification.

Project Features For Our Construction Equipment Manufacturer Client:

  • 460 Heavy Duty TracVeyor Paint System

  • Secondary/ Removable Product Fixtures

  • 3 Conveyors with Robot Interface For Painting

  • 1,800 Lineal Feet

  • Live Load: 30,000 Pounds

  • 10 Jobs Per Hour

  • 21 Carts- RFID Part Tracking

SSI is proud to supply the right choice of conveyors for our clients. To learn more about our products, visit our website or call us today!


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