How To Choose The Best Conveyor That Will Meet Your Needs

When choosing the best conveyor for your factory, warehouse, distribution center or facility, it is important to make sure that all of your needs are met so that your company can meet its goals. Think about these topics when determining what conveyor you need.


  1. The product/s that need to be packaged or processed.

  2. The amount of orders that need to be shipped daily or weekly

  3. The layout of your facility

Do you need a conveyor that can mount overhead and support a suspended load or something that can be inverted and floor mounted to support a live load from beneath? If so, a Power & Free Conveyor is the one for you.

Looking for a conveyor ideal for assembling large, heavy products such as automobiles, heavy trucks, earth moving equipment, steel coils, commercial air conditioners, snowmobiles, ATVs, or for assembling engines, brakes, axles, transmissions, compressors, or other components? Choose an SSI Flat Top and Slat Conveyor.

Need a conveyor that is used to transport carts through warehousing, manufacturing, painting, and assembling processes that can be either an in-the-floor system or an above-the-floor system. Consider one of our Tow Conveyors.

Would a conveyor that represents an economical solution for storage and product delivery when a pallet, skid, or fixture can be placed on chains be best? Look at our Dual Strand Conveyors.

If you want a conveyor that is great for all types of industry and will solve package sortation, scrap handling, appliance assembly, automotive painting, warehousing, and heavy-duty steel mill applications? An SSI Belt & Roller Conveyor is the right choice.

For a key component to any complex, turnkey material handling system that is needed for part transfers, loading or manipulation, SSI provides various types of Automatic Handling Equipment.

Shop SSI For All Your Conveying Needs

Let SSI help you find the best conveyors for your needs. Check out our entire offering of conveyor systems to find a reliable, durable, and effective method of maximizing productivity. Our experienced customer service team can provide you with a completely custom recommendation. Contact us today for more information.

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