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Benefits of Flat Top & Slat Conveyors

If you are looking to improve productivity and efficiency in your facility, consider the advantages of flat top & slat conveyors.

Whether you need a continuous moving or indexing conveyor, SSI Flat Top and Slat Conveyors are ideal for conveying and/or assembling large heavy products, such as automobiles, heavy trucks, earth moving equipment, steel coils, and commercial air conditioners, snowmobiles, ATV’s, motorcycles, or for the assembly of engines, brakes, axles, transmissions, compressors, or other components. Installed flush with the floor or at working height, this style conveyor provides exceptional stability and unrestricted access to your product.

SSI can provide Flat Top and Slat Conveyors from a few inches up to 16 feet wide and with chain pitches from 2 inches up to 2 feet. A wide range of stationary or adjustable fixtures can be mounted to the slats to hold and locate the products.

Need more flexibility in your manufacturing process? Ask us about our asynchronous SlatVeyor® which can index your products individually and provide a production buffer between operations. Call us to quote your next Flat Top & Slat Conveyor Project!


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