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What type of conveyor is right for your facility?

What type of conveyor is right for your facility?

Conveyor systems can provide a heavy-duty solution or a smaller, lighter duty operation. SSI’s variety of options ensures an exact fit for your facility’s needs.

Power and Free Overhead Conveyors- These systems can mount overhead and support suspended loads or mount to the floor to support live loads. They can handle loads from 25- 40,000 pounds.

Flat Top and Slat Conveyors- If you are looking for a system that is ideal for conveying heavy products such as automobiles, trucks, steel coils, or for assembling engines, brakes, transmissions, compressors, and other components, this is the right conveyor for you.

Tow Conveyors- These in-the-floor systems are great for transporting cars throughout multiple processes, without obstructing floor traffic. These systems can handle loads between 50- 250,000 pounds.

Dual Strand Conveyors- These conveyors are an economical solution for storage and product delivery. We build multiple types of Dual Strand Conveyors that are able to handle virtually any product.

Belt and Roller Conveyors- One of the most widely used conveyor types is Belt and Roller Conveyors. Their diverse uses include package handling, sortation, assembly operations, scrap handling, and transport through automated processes.

Automation Equipment- Automation equipment is a critical component of your manufacturing systems. We engineer a wide variety of solutions that are able to integrate seamlessly into other conveyor systems.

Which type of conveyor is best for your needs? Call us today, and let’s talk.

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