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The Power of Industrial Conveyors

The design potential for conveyors has changed by generation. What may look like a simple role is a crucial piece to processing and manufacturing. There are multiple different kinds of conveyors because of the demanding tasks required of them. Here are a few types of conveyors:

  • Power & Free Conveyors- These conveyors are designed to mount overhead and support a suspended load or be inverted, and floor mounted to support a live load from beneath.

  • Flat Top & Slat Conveyors- Conveyors like this are ideal for assembling large, heavy products, such as automobiles, heavy trucks, earth moving equipment, steel coils, and commercial air conditioners, snowmobiles, ATV’s and motorcycles.

  • TracVeyor® Conveyors- These systems are in-the-floor systems used to transport carts through warehousing, manufacturing, painting, and assembling processes.

  • Dual Strand Conveyors- These conveyors are equipped with escapement devices to collect and release loads from accumulation gently.

  • Belt & Roller Conveyors- The most widely used types of conveyors used for packing sortation, scrap holding, appliance assembly, automotive painting, warehousing, and heavy-duty steel mill applications.

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