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What We’ve Been Up To…

Projects at SSI range from small system modifications to multi-million dollar green-field programs. Our conveyors are used in the manufacturing and processing of small products, weighing only several ounces, to unit loads over 100,000 pounds, and almost every shape and size in between!

Here is a summary of some of our newest projects:

This Tow Conveyor is made to manufacture trucks! It includes:

  • Final Assembly Line

  • X458 Side-By-Side Chain-On-Flat Conveyor

  • Above the Floor Construction with Integrated Cover Plates

  • Shallow Pit for Head and Tails Sections Only

  • (6) Station Conveyor with Front and Rear Dollies for Product Assembly

  • 16,500 Pound Capacity Per Station

  • 2 JPH at 1.65 FPM

This Belt-Style Cab Load Droplifter will also manufacture your trucks in no time with:

  • Roll-Up Style Belt Drive System. No Counterweight Required

  • Integrates P&F Drop Rail That Does Not Require a Pusher Assist Device

  • 10 JPH

  • 4,100 Pound Lift Load Capacity

This is an Automotive Manufacturer for a Weld Cell Buffer. It includes:

  • Heavy-Duty SlatVeyor® Systems

  • Asynchronous Accumulating Slat Conveyor

  • Stable Platform, Scalable and Cost-Effective

  • 72 Jobs Per Hour

  • Robotic Load / Unload

  • 1,200 Pound Capacity

  • 2 Conveyors / Drives

  • 15 Skids

It’s been busy here at Southern Systems International as we wrap up these big projects.

Click here to see even more projects and to see what we can do for you!

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