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Why Choose SSI Conveyors?

  1. We Are Experienced Founded in 1968, Southern Systems has provided exceptional products and services to its customers for more than 50 years. We serve a diverse customer base that spans many industries, including package sortation, automotive, defense, appliance, aerospace, agricultural equipment, steel mills, warehousing, food processing, bulk storage, and HVAC manufacturing.

  1. We Are Dedicated to Safety The safety of our employees and customers is a primary focus at SSI. Our commitment to safety and diligent adherence to safe practices in our shops and at our job sites is evidenced by our impressive safety records.

  1. We Build Quality Conveyors Southern Systems International, LLC manufactures its equipment in its Memphis manufacturing facility. The SSI machine shop, automated machining centers, and fabrication equipment enable Southern Systems to have total control of delivery commitments while producing precision equipment of the highest quality.

  1. We Engineer Each Project to Your Specification We help you plan your project from the very beginning. Our in-house approach allows us unparalleled flexibility and control over a project’s final outcome. By using our own forces to engineer, fabricate, install and control a project, we eliminate problems associated with sub-contract work such as miscommunications, inferior quality, and schedule delays.

What Our Past Clients Have to Say-

"Everything has been running fantastic! Thank you for your dedication to this project and hard work to exceed our expectations.”

"First things first, the Lowerator system is working great. Still running as smooth as the day it was installed.”

"Everyone from SSI was very knowledgeable, friendly, and flexible. I understand that trying to perform a large job like this around normal production can sometimes be difficult but you were able to do it with virtually no disruption to our schedules.”

"The SSI Team did a good job of making the necessary adjustments in order for the equipment to fit in the assigned areas and to function properly. I am very satisfied with how SSI managed the project. I will definitely consider SSI on future projects."

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